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About Meer Democratie

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Meer Democratie (“More Democracy”) is a new citizen movement aiming to give citizens a stronger voice in politics and society. We want a flourishing democracy in Flanders, Belgium and Europe: government of, by and for the people. Real democracy is more productive, more fair and a whole lotta fun as well!

Our aims

We campaign for e.g. the introduction of citizens’ initiatives and referendums, directly elected mayors and prime ministers, a fair voting system, the abolishment of party discipline for parliamentarians, an end to party political appointments for public office, and better petition rights. We want to open our closed political system through democratic experiments, e-democracy 3.0, better information rights for citizens and a fundamental reform of the EU. Our general aim is to empower citizens and reduce the almost total grip that political parties currently have on public administration and decision making. 

What we do

We launch campaigns to implement fundamental democratic reforms that give citizens the last say in politics. We are a center of expertise for anyone seeking information on democratic renewal. We bring out publications and organise events. As a service for active citizens, we run the open petition platform Petitie.be, where anyone can launch a public petition for free.

Our daily team

Bert Penninckx: general manager

David Joëts: campaign manager

Sim Boels: webmaster - secretary

Koen Vanderhoeven: ICT

Board members

Our Board consists of Bert Penninckx, Guido De Bruyker, Eric Van de Putte and Marc Vanvelk.

We are very grateful for the help of our pool of volunteers!


Meer Democratie VZW
Koetsweg 13
3010 Leuven
Phone +32 487 79 89 58